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Last revised January 9, 2014

Who We Are: In early 2013 a group of Oregon-Washington Handmade Vendors got together and created, from scratch, an Artisan’s Retail Co-Op with the concept of selling their crafted art.  We are a member-driven co-op business comprised of member Artisans who are supported by the work of an elected Board & additional Committees. All Artisans share the responsibility of working in the store, paying dues, and jurying in new members. We have developed several membership levels to choose from in order to meet a variety of artists needs. At this time we do not accept work on consignment, nor do we order wholesale.

Mission Statement:  PACT is an organization dedicated to creating a venue for local member PACTs to sell their products.  As a secondary mission of PACT we support each other as artists, encouraging each other to be better artists and helping each other learn and grow.  PACT Members are participating in Artistic Portland.

Who we're looking for: We are looking for Artisans who are team focused, creative, talented, and are committed to our mission.

Interested in becoming a member? We have a simple jury process where we vote as a group on who will be accepted into PACT co-op. If you would like to apply, please come to one of the regularly scheduled meetings to find out more about our co-op PACT, or schedule a time to have your art juried by the membership. 

Jurying Meeting Dates: Jurying will take place on the first Monday of each month with a minimum of 2/3 of the Jury Committee present. If there are no artisans interested in being juried or not enough jury members available to jury, the jury meeting will be postponed until the following month.

Jury Process Checklist:

  • Schedule your jury by contacting us through our websites online application if you already have not.
  • Bring your non-refundable $20.00 check or money order for Jury Application Fee to the jury meeting.
  • Bring samples of your work to be sold in our store. Bring at least 6 samples of your artwork] (exceptions may be made based on art form) and a portfolio, if applicable. We must see the actual products you plan to sell in our store. Presentation of your art (ie. mats, frames, packaging, price tags, etc.) is as important as the quality of your work.
  • Bring photos of you creating your craft with you to your jury, if available.
  • Be prepared to do a short, casual presentation of your work. A 10-15 minute presentation is usually good. Please tell us about yourself and any skills you can bring to our co-op.
  • Be prepared for a brief question/answer session after your presentation. The remainder of the meeting will then be closed to members only.
  • The Verdict: We will vote and have someone contact you within 24 hours to let you know the results. If accepted, we will then give you further information about getting started.
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